• pondering-doctorIs Your Office Buried In Insurance Paperwork?
  • Are you and your staff bogged down by health insurance claims?
  • Are you tired of having up to 25-30% of your claims rejected due to errors?
  • Is it taking 40 to 60 days for most of your claims to be paid?
  • Are you just fed up with the paperwork?

We Can Help!

We will quickly solve your insurance billing problems. As a provider, you would prefer to focus on patient care not bill collecting. And you would like your office staff to have more time to dedicate to personalized, efficient and profitable patient care.

We can help you achieve both of these goals! Let us free you to do what you do best!

  • Electronic Claims Processing
  • Collect copies of your super-bills or download data from your computer system
  • Edit the data and verify its accuracy
  • Submit the claims electronically
  • Let us minimize your workload and maximize your payment response time.
  • Other Services Paragon Can Provide Your Office
  • Follow up on claims to ensure prompt payment.
  • Patient statements & collections.
  • Full practice management.

Paragon can do all of this for a fraction of what it costs your office to submit your claims yourself.

Our software and data systems are state of the art and the benefits for your practice include:

  • Increased Cash Flow – Get paid in 14 to 21 days instead of 60 days or more!
  • Lower Overhead – The national average cost to healthcare providers to process each insurance claim is $10 to $12. We can cut this expense by up to two thirds.
  • Lower Rejection Rate – Our automatic editing will catch many errors. Claim suspension will fall from approximately 25-30% to about 2%.
  • Happier Patients – You and your staff will be able to focus on patient care rather than patient billing!