We manage your billing.

Lower your overhead and get paid faster.

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Why Use Our Billing Services?

Increased Cash Flow

Get paid in 14 to 21 days instead of 60 days or more!  

Lower Overhead

The national average cost to healthcare providers to process each insurance claim is $10 to $12. We can cut this by up to two thirds.

Lower Rejection Rate

Our automatic editing will catch many errors. Claim suspension fall from an average of 25-30% to about 2%.

Why Our Clients Love Us!

During the last three years that Paragon had done our billing, payments have been prompt.  We are extremely pleased to have Paragon as part of our team.

Paragon has provided thorough, prompt and friendly service to our business and staff.  Our wait time on many claims has been drastically reduced.

Paragon has been an incredible company to work with. They made the transition from in house billing efficient and cost saving.  They are very thorough and their expertise is evident. Grateful to have found a company with great integrity.

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